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Moving Through the Maelstrom




Moving Through the Maelstrom, Episode 1, An Introduction

The crisis is about to resolve itself in an historic, fundamental and cataclysmic shift. In 'Moving Through the Maelstrom' I will explain how best to survive and transit these times.

Moving Through The Maelstrom, Episode 2, Deconstructing (1) Money and (2) Who We Are

Understanding 'money' and 'who we are' is necessary to understand the current crisis and how best to respond. Neither 'money' or 'who we are' are what they appear to be. In this video, I deconstruct both.

Moving Through the Maelstrom, Episode 3: 2016 - The Crisis Accelerates

In this video, I explain (1) how and when I became aware of this historic crisis, (2) the significance of the crisis and (3) how to navigate it.

It's Not About Gold But It's Really ALL About Gold

Ralph T. Foster, author of "Fiat Paper Money: The History and Evolution of Our Currency", and I discuss Germany's hyperinflation in the 1920s and money today. Today, the value of fiat paper money is about to revert to the mean, i.e. zero.

2017 - 2027: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

The next ten years will see the resolution of the financial crisis. Our choices will determine the destiny of this once great nation.

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